STD test for adults

Whenever you had unprotected sex, you should make sure you conduct a Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) test. Don't wait too long before taking the test, because you can have an STD without being aware. You can have a test at your (family)doctor or at the GGD. Untreated STD's have unpleasant consequences, which can influence your health and your partner's. Most STD's are easy to cure, so don't wait longer than necessary and conduct a test.

Get an appointment for an STD-test

Call 0900 – 7367366 for an appointment (Monday till Friday from 10.00 – 13.00 hours and from 13.30 – 16.30 hours). Depending on your situation we will make an appointment for the consulting hour of the GGD or we will refer you to your doctor.

The STD-test

When you choose to conduct an STD-test at your local GGD, you will have an appointment with the nurse first. The nurse will ask why you are visiting the GGD and explain the health risks of an STD . This conversation also allows you to ask any questions you have on sexuality.

Next the nurse will advise you to perform one- or multiple STD-tests. The physician-assistant will take your blood sample and will give you the test(s) which you can take home to perform yourself. Usually, men have to do a urinalysis and women have to conduct a swab from the vagina. You will be referred to a doctor in some situations. Finally, the physician-assistant tells you how and when to expect the results. This usually takes a week to ten days.